Last night Doreen Virtue came to stay in my apartment whilst on tour with her lackey-protector (a largely invisible presence, unspoken and un-needing). She stayed in my lounge where I chose to leave her undisturbed.

At some point, I responded to her need as a guest and we performed some ‘ritual’ healing when she noticed something about me, about my spiritual power.

As I focused – eyes closing body buzzing – streamers of squiggly blue and purple light leapt from me toward the ceiling. I’m uncertain if they ‘left’ exactly, but I do know they were Archangel Michael and St. Germaine.

Doreen asked me to speak into the meaning of what had occurred, prompting me with some assurance like light is available when darkness leaves. I immediately clarified, “light and dark don’t mean what they mean to you in my world.” She told me not to qualify my words, my message, my “truth”; just to answer the question.

So how did/does light make room for darkness and vice versa?

I know this. There was a sensation of something “energetic” occurring. Not unlike when my unborn brother’s life purpose was released from my charge. Except it did not feel as if Archangel Michael had ‘left’ me. More like Archangel Michael was showing itself or allowing itself to be seen.

There was one last portion of the dream where I was shown a section of a page or prayer – an oracle’s scribe. It showed the words that I am being asked to write as a scribe on the planet. A special writing that God speaks through (although that’s not how I would describe it – don’t qualify yourself!) like an incantation, but it’s not a manifestation spell or a prayer of supplication. It’s more like the seal or the stamp that makes it so and brings it into existence without being an order for something that is not here or being a request for something you really want.

The scribe writes the words in a special script and there is also a way to speak their magic/power/skill (like architecture is a skill) into the world. I was given instruction on how to do this – I am to use a long, slow tone in lower notes. I also remember the type of script used began with an O shape that looked rather calligraphic.

From the Dreamscape

Thinking about this dream as I roused and now as I write are two different things.

It is difficult to language what I recall and harder still to capture the essence of that which exists in another realm, another language, another physics of life and meaning. It is like trying to explain phenomena with adjectives and nouns that have no equal in the reality you experienced… like stepping into someone else’s shoes, and re-imagining yourself, your entire world, from their reality. It’s impossible not to need a whole new vocabulary.

Nothing fits. Where it once remained invisible, automatic even, now the production of words is laboured and filled with the kind of philosophising a revelation inspires – except it’s not coming into view, being discovered and explored the way a revelation is. Instead, our re-languaging feels clumsy. As if we’re being asked to explain ourselves, and the words we want to use are disappearing from the page. So we reach for an alternative terminology but the manual we seek has not yet been written, and it’s up to us to stand in this moment noticing words disappear, reaching for alternatives that have not yet been written, and acknowledge the purpose of such scenarios being carried out in the real world – at the office, with friends, ordering pizza.

And once we realise that nowhere is immune to our re-languaging [surrender · commune] conversation with the cosmos, then there are other questions. We inquire about practicalities and boundaries and human safety. We “tune” to the HOW of living life as a conversation rather than the what, where, when, and why.

This is the main point of difference between the work I do with the lovely Miss Louise Moriarty in the Perfect Present, and the way I work alone in Oneness Business.

The Questions We Have For Life Itself

For those with what, where, when and why questions, the Perfect Present is a fabulous playground university to sink wishing coins into and plumb the depths of long-held sadness looking for sacred sparks. The perfect place to revisit work-life balance, and be relieved of your desire for this or something better in favour a focus on what is (and how that came about) so as to know thyself as loveable, whole and an equal an essential aspect of the unbroken circle.

The Perfect Present is the pit of unknown quantities,
the boxing ring,
the coffee club,
the philosopher’s circle,
the padded room, and
the meditation garden all in one.

It is the door you come through when you’re looking for solace and discover yourself unbounded by the conditions or expectations life once had for you. It is the door you find when looking to others is no longer satisfactory on the path to being the path.

Most of all, it is the choice you make when choice itself has become a burden.

When Choice Itself Has Become A Burden

> When the information available is too much for us to navigate.

> When we feel we are without a proper sense of intuitive guidance to filter out what is deemed unnecessary distraction from our ultimate focus.

> When our lethargy signals enthusiasm abandoning us to a long, complex research puzzle eating precious time we might otherwise sprinkle on more “rewarding” activities – activities that fruit feelings of joy and accomplishment rather than those we keep watering only to produce yet more tasks; season after season of endless dutiful dedication to an activity that seems to yield no prize. Not even a change of colour lest a hopeful flower.

Nay, this research monster making us responsible for our decisions, for our modus operandi, for the style of parenting or leadership we use, for the way we make business decisions and navigate or respond to so-called health issues.


At every turn, there is someone asking us to stand in who we are or what we believe in, and this requires a taking of sides that leads us into buildings, up elevators, down corridors, and into rooms like the Perfect Present.


Rooms which appear to be the solution to our problem until, of course, we recognise what’s really going on is not so much a problem to be solved, as it is a question. A question of HOW one comes to know thyself so intimately in all things that no choice need be made, no identity fixed, no anchor maintained, no ideal created, and no outcome pursued.

The type of self-knowledge that’s borne of innate trust in the who of I Am. A place from where one asks only how to be present i.e. how to be in surrender to the I Am no matter what. This is the position of a Master, of an irrepressible child of the universe exploring what is without seeing, wanting or reaching for what is not.

This is the consciousness one brings to oneness
even when we are unaware that that is what we do.

For so long we have been categorised and instructed from dense to light, from harsh to smooth. For so long we have wondered what is wrong with “us” and “the world”. For so long we have approached experience with dread and a tendency to justification, assessment, and scheduling yet another to-do list.

And because this is what we are familiar with, we do not always know the consciousness we bring. Instead, we believe ourselves to be one of the available options, and there is a constant search/need/drive to explain just one more thing about ourselves that doesn’t quite make sense in the category we have fallen into.

Just one more thing that we need to figure out about who we really are and what we’re here to do inevitably leads to another category used to assess our person in some way that feels sufficient for a time until we discover another loose thread and the process begins all over again.

A sagittarius, except for the bit that can be better explained by my numerology, except for the part that resonates more deeply with my enneagram reading, except for the aspects indicated by my Asperges, except for the things I feel because I’m an empath, except for the fact that I keep having feelings that don’t fit anywhere and I don’t seem to be able to explain why I end up not really fitting into any of the boxes without some portion of me hanging over the edge and I’m sick of trying to figure out why I am the way I am as if there’s something wrong with me, because I just want to feel loved!

I just want life to make sense so that I can focus on what I really want to do with my time here on Earth, and I wish there was some switch to help the world understand how much we could get done if everyone made it easier for me to accomplish what I’m trying to do here instead of asking me to jump through flaming hoops while chasing my tail failing to get the bills paid.

So, before we go looking for another way to tidy up those loose threads…