In a dream, the characters are often understood to represent aspects of experience – fear, intelligence, change, lovers, betrayal, even death. Why is it so hard to imagine that in waking there is also a code?

When decoding a dream, one cannot simply rely on archetypal translation. Depending upon who or what the dream portrayed we must recognise our own sensation or cognition in order to find meaning. It is often a deeply personal process that allows many pre-conceptions to surface.

And just as one person’s ‘mother figure’ can be another’s ‘post office’, our ability to see what is, is its own process with its own purpose.

The only difference decoding waking life is that we have decided everything is separate. Instead of being images to decode and sensations for self-awareness, our idea of what’s going on has developed a convoluted spectre of awareness that allows us to travel into different worlds.

Where a dream might allow for the inside of an office to be a picnic at the show-grounds, not just as a concurrent event but with both worlds existing simultaneously – as if consciousness knew how to read the words on a page, imagine them in form, and be present to other versions of this moment without ever needing to build walls between the various apparitions, to synchronise time and space with any single meter… our waking reality is given much less accord.

From shamanic practice, we might recognise the possibility of existing in more than one dimension but we do not see them as one. That is, we think of ‘travelling to’ another consciousness as stepping through a membrane from here to there – as if here was a static real state, and there is a mysterious after-thought… after you’ve paid the bills, after you’ve fed the kids, after you’ve appeased the boss, after you’ve maintained your friendships, and made good on your commitments to life purpose. Only then can travel into another dimension become ‘possibility’ – a luxury reserved for those with the energy and resources to explore life’s trance state.

1. Why do we believe these worlds are separate? That one is real and the other unreal?

2. Why do we value one more than the other? Pay attention to one as more pressing, more important than the other?

3. How do we find the code for waking experience?

Photo by Bruce Christianson on Unsplash